Megalodon 2015

The 2015 Megalodon features a few changes to the case dimensions as well as the addition of a sapphire lume bezel inlay. There are 6 new designs and a special price offer on the Kickstarter project page.

Learn More about Megalodon

Read more about the Megalodon specs and see the 6 new designs here on our website. Then continue on to Kickstarter where you can preorder.

Preorder the Megalodon

Preorder the Megalodon on the Kickstarter project page. Special pricing is being offered during the project fundraising period.

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Benarus [ben•air•us] Benarus is a high quality professional instrument produced in limited quantities and is available to divers, collectors, professionals, and watch enthusiasts throughout the world. Benarus has a passion to create high quality watches at the best price to the customer. This is achieved by low overhead costs and continuing to source the best parts and production facilities and manage production and quality control.


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